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Custom Plastic Injection Molding

True Line Mold is a custom injection molder providing molding services and secondary assembly operations for over 40 years. We have experience manufacturing for a multitude of industries and companies, working closely with them to provide a cost effective product completed to their rigorous standards.

The goal of our corporation is to provide quality American-made plastic injection molded parts, in addition to our own proprietary products. At our site in Hebron, Illinois, we have all the necessary equipment, knowledge and foresight to create new, exciting and useful products to the consumer.

We at True Line Mold are continually striving to create better products that are more durable, exciting and useful to the consumer. It is not our goal to continue to recycle old products and ideas. Instead we are constantly pushing forward to provide new products and ideas to the marketplace.

We ensure that all products that leave our facility are inspected and tested for quality, durability and function. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and provide a source for your promotional and injection molding needs.

Please see our molding page for further details.

CD Calendars - The Perfect Promotion

In addition to our custom injection molding capabilities we do offer a unique line of CD desk calendars completely customizable to your specific organization's needs and style. Please view the calendar page for further details and ideas on ways our calendar can be the perfect advertisement for your business or fundraiser for your organization. Please note that we no longer produce this item as we are focusing on other projects at this time. Thank you.

Memory Time Clocks

Memory Time and School Time clocks are a great way to provide a commemorative timepiece personalized for your family.  Easily customizable, this unique line of clocks allows you to capture those special moments in a functional way, which are sure to be viewed every day. 

TimberWolfTM Composite Shims

Made from 100% recycled materials, our composite shim offers a durable product for your building or home improvement needs. Pre-scored to break cleanly, the TimberWolfTM Composite Shim offers the perfect product for your shim needs with more break points for greater precision, less waste, no additional cutting time and is environmentally responsible. 


From medical products, plastic barware, household items to premium incentives we have the experience and knowledge to assist you.